Category: Temples in Satara

Masjid & Minars of Karad

Famous Masjid of Karad built by Ibrahim Khan, Sultan Ali Adil Shah of Bijapur before 1580. Minars of height 32.3 meter can be viewed from several miles.

Yamai Devi Temple

Aundh is 30 kms away from Satara. Previously, it was the Capital of Princely State of Aundh. The Yamai Devi Temple and the Museum here are famous. Museum is having over 8000 precious articles...

Maha Ganpati Wai

Wai (the Dakshin kashi of India) is situated just 33 kms away from Satara. It is famous for its temples & ghats. “Maha Ganpati Temple” is here which is worshipped by many holy men...